Introduction to Optix
Optix is a multi-chain permission-less option protocol with sustainable gamefi incentives for all protocol participants.
  • Anyone can permissionlessly create an an option vault for any ERC20 token and oracle
  • Liquidity providers earn high yield on crypto assets with passive option vault strategies
  • Option buyers can access "safe leverage"
  • Treasuries diversify their balance sheets selling options on their own tokens
  • Protocols use “trade to earn” to drive viral growth
  • Traders can buy options with a simple UX

What problems are we trying to solve?

These are the key problems that we are trying to address with Optix:

Yield & Usability

  • Yield for structured products can be high but they aren’t widely available
  • Option buying and selling is confusing and complex
Optix provides a simple trading interface to buy options and passive structured products for option sellers to earn compounding yield.
Treasury Management
  • Treasuries lack the ability to sell their native token into the market without impacting price
  • Treasury assets aren’t diversified enough
  • Treasuries lack varied income streams
  • Staking is a static mechanism that protocols use to passively reduce selling pressure
  • Staking doesn't reduce supply or create viral demand

Protocol Objectives

The primary objectives of the protocol are:
Options Objectives
  • Provide a permissionless platform that anyone can create an option market for any ERC20/Oracle on any Ethereum chain
  • Reduce the friction & barriers for the transferral of risk
  • Support the ecosystem participants
  • Provide a sustainable gamefi experience
  • Provide this as a service to other protocols
Gamefi Objectives
  • Bootstrap vault liquidity
  • Supports ecosystem participants - buyers, lps, referrers & “owners” to create an economy around a vault, allowing “shop front” business for participants that compete and can scale up
  • Sustainable
  • Provide another driver for vote locking
  • Make optix token deflationary
  • Reward early participants/contributors

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