Introduction to Optix

Optix is a decentralized option protocol where you can buy options on top crypto assets with up to 10x leverage and earn sustainable yield selling options, directly from your wallet.

What are the unique benefits of Optix?

  • Options on alts - any erc20 can be used as collateral and any oracle for the strike price

  • Capital efficient - collateral in a single vault can be used to to sell options across multiple oracles, put/call directions, expiries & strikes.

  • Simple user experience - option buying and selling is typically confusing and complicated. We aim to make it as simple as using a crypto dex.

  • Permissionless structured products - create structured products from existing defi primitives.

  • Multichain - the contracts & dapp currently support Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain & Avalanche

  • Permissioned defi - buy and sell to only regulatory compliant participants

  • Block trading - block trade any asset with kyc'd participants

Our mission is to make the ability to transfer risk available to anyone and any asset in the crypto ecosystem.

Use this documentation to understand the fundamentals of the Protocol. Please join the discussion on Telegram or Discord; our team and members of the community look forward to helping you use and build on top of Optix.

Contact Audits

We take the safety and security of the funds trusted with our protocol extremely seriously. Two independent audits were conducted with leading auditors in the space: Paladin & Certik.

Join the Optix community

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