Introduction to Optix
Optix is well positioned to be a key protocol in the DeFi 2.0 mega trend by unlocking this next wave of sustainable growth across the ecosystem.
Optix is an on-chain option protocol where:
  • Liquidity providers earn high yield on crypto assets with passive option vaults
  • Treasuries hedge their exposure and diversify by selling bonds for protocol owned vault liquidity positions
  • Protocols use “trade to earn” to drive viral growth
  • Traders can buy options with a simple UX

Optix Vaults

Structured products such as covered calls have proven that they can sustainably provide significantly higher yield than what currently is available in DeFi. Optix Vaults are structured products such as covered calls or puts that provide a passive way for liquidity providers to earn compounding yield. APYs can sustainably be around 10-20%.

Optix Bonds

To diversify their treasuries and establish other income streams, any protocol can use Optix to sell bonds in their native token for any option vault liquidity pool. Vault liquidity purchased is then owned by the protocol earning yield on trading swap fees & option yield.

Optix Trade to Earn

Optix Trade to Earn allows other protocols to leverage NGU technology(Number Go Up) with free-to-play play-to-earn dynamics, providing both native token demand and virality.

What problems are we trying to solve?

These are the key problems that we are trying to address with Optix:

Yield & Usability

  • Yield for structured products can be high but they aren’t widely available
  • Option buying and selling is confusing and complex
Optix provides a simple trading interface to buy options and passive structured products for option sellers to earn compounding yield.

Protocol Liquidity

  • Protocols rent liquidity which in bear markets has a negative flywheel
  • Liquidity providers are exposed to impermanent loss and lose when the token appreciates
  • No liquidity buyers of last resort
Through Optix, other protocols can issue bonds for their native token for any vault's liquidity pool. Liquidity purchased is then owned by the protocol. Earning yield on swap fees & option premiums.
Treasury Management
  • Treasuries lack the ability to sell their native token into the market without impacting price
  • Treasury assets aren’t diversified enough
  • Treasuries lack varied income streams
  • Staking is a static mechanism that protocols use to passively reduce selling pressure
  • Staking doesn't reduce supply or create viral demand

Protocol Objectives

The primary objectives of the protocol are:
  • Be the primary liquidity provider for deep & liquid option markets
  • Sell bonds to diversify protocol asset and income wealth
  • Dynamically create demand and reduce supply for the token with play to earn
  • Provide a sustainable play to earn experience
  • Provide this as a service to other protocols

Viral Feedback Loop

The mechanisms of the protocol are carefully balanced in a way so that they create a viral feedback loop.
Viral Feedback Loop
The Optix protocol will sell bonds for protocol owned option vault liquidity. Trade to earn will be used to ensure that the bonds are sold for a premium and the increasing supply doesn't create downward pressure on the token price.
The system is designed so that other protocols can also leverage this mechanism. Increasing demand for their token, reducing supply and simultaneously creating liquid option markets for their token.

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