Providing Liquidity
Providing liquidity gives you an opportunity to "earn yield" from the premiums of selling options. As an option seller you can choose a vault that aligns to your view of the market.

Add Liquidity

Optix uses UniswapV2 compatible swap pools to store liquidity. When depositing funds you will receive an ERC1155 token that represent your proportional pool ownership.
  • By adding liquidity you'll earn the fees of all options traded (less the protocol & vault fees) where this pool is used for collateral, proportional to your share of the pool
  • Premiums are added to the vault locked and are unlocked when options expire and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity
  • Liquidity you add is locked for a period defined by the vault

Withdraw Liquidity

To withdraw liquidity enter the percentage of the liquidity tokens to be removed.
A withdrawal fee may be applied to encourage long term liquidity providers.